Scolded for an accident

Church was great, couples who wedded on Saturday had their Thanksgiving, everywhere was colorful and bright, other couples in church  kept small chats all through service. The church was simply filled with love and God’s awesomeness.
Rich and Jane were so blessed to be in such an awesome meeting… Yes yes,  they left for home after church just as every other person. 
Once at home,  Jane rushes straight to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family as quickly as possible so she can leave for work by 3pm.

“When ever you use tissue paper, take it out of the car! I just removed a tissue paper soaked with blood from the the car.” Richard yelled at Jane as she left the bathroom.
“OK, sorry about that” Jane replied.
She went back to the kitchen, and got thinking, then went back to Richard,
“Do you have any idea what or who’s blood was on the tissue paper?” asked Jane.
Silence… Was Rich’s response.
“Like seriously? You are not bothered who’s or what blood it was?
If I were the one who saw the tissue in your car, I will ask you what happened to you first before scolding you”.
“Well,  common sense is not common after”. Yelled Jane out of frustration.

Have they degenerated that far?
Common, that was blood issue been talked about there, the sight of blood can only be beheld by courageous people, not to talk of seeing blood in your wife’s car, and treating it like some kids in training on hygiene.

That was really sad.

Why loose a tear over one who careless if you are alive or dead? ‘food for thought’

Truth be told, Jane loved this man from the depths of her heart, she will only regret and blame her self when it is too late to leave.


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