Bedroom light out… cont’d

In despair Jane lay still in bed.
Rich rolled to the other end of the bed, by the foot of the bed…  Noticing how hurt Jane was, he beckoned on her to come and massage Johnny.
With all the humiliation she summoned the energy and crawled to Him, she began to stroke on Johnny… She thought…  I won’t be doing  this on a  virile man, such a young man been stroked for Johnny to come alive was so annoying, and humiliating. In her heart  she thought this marriage simply has no sexual attraction… How much longer can we keep pretending to hold on? Well,  this is another day of the month which I must not miss for a chance to have a baby. She prayed silently in her heart for Johnny to come alive.
Little by little, with so much tenderness, Johnny gains back it turbidity….  Rich asked Jane to ride on Johnny, but considering the slim chances of conception, she beckon on Rich for the missionary position, before Rich could turn over….  Johnny has gone flaccid!!!
HE laid back on bed and asked Jane to work on Johnny with her mouth…
Jane got her bile right in her throat, about to burst into tears…  The thought of getting pregnant calmed her, and she obliged him. Rich,  can you put of the light please…  Immediately the light went off, Jane began to let the tears flow with no control.
She beckoned on him to be on his feet while she sat by the edge of the bed. She started by stroking Johnny, as Johnny began to get sturdy, she started kissing it, sucking hard,  but tenderly on Johnny… Rich began to thrust in her mouth with two of his hands holding her head.
With every thrust, gushes out hot steamy tears….  Isn’t it time for Him to come unto me yet? She thought…
Rich was having real sex in Jane’s mouth. Jane died right inside her self. With all then will power she could summoned, she pulled her head away and begged him to come onto her, as he came onto her with just the initial thrust into Jane, Johnny had gone flaccid again. Jane cried, and cried…  She made sure Rich had no idea about her pains, and tears. . . 
To be continued


Bedroom light out!

It’s 2am, Rich was no where to be found.  Jane tossed and tossed round the bed, sleep was no where near. She tried to suppress the urge to look for Him in the living room…  But a higher force of needing Him was overwhelming her. She suddenly jumped off bed and went straight to the living room where Rich was coiled up on the sofa watching a movie. She stood, and stood, and stood. Rich was uncomfortable with her presence, he packed his pillow and headed to the room walking past Jane. By the time Jane go to the room He was already spreading a blanket on the bedroom floor to sleep.
Jane seeing the helpless situation, climbed into bed and tried to forget her reasons for looking for Rich… At this point she was all so horn, with the lights still on, she could see Rich almost snoring off.
Oh! The emptiness inside Jane. Why can’t she have a turbo charge man that understands her moves?!
The chances of having some mid night action was slipping fast… What can she do? Her circle was staring her deep in the face… At this point she felt less admiration for Rich, but does it matter?
All she wanted was some hot gush of Rich’s fluid inside her to embrace the over blossoming eggs that will expire in few hours. Yes… Jane is not taking any chances.
“can we have sex?”…  She asked with all the humiliation she has endured. That was flat! Unfortunately, that is the best sweet thing she could muster the energy to say.
Rich crawl unto bed and both started curdling. In less than a minute… Jonny was turbo charge… Jane’s arena was super wet, one thrust landed Jonny inside her….  Ohhh….  She felt so good! She thought “I won after all… God please let this be the miracle I am expecting “… As she was settling in to enjoy the moment.. She felt she was getting wetter, and she started feeling bad for Rich thinking he is loosing the friction, she put her kegal skill into work, but Jonny was just slipping in and out.. She almost cried out for help.
Lo and behold, it wasn’t Jane getting wetter… It was Jonny who was loosing his turgidity, hehehehe… Jonny went flaccid right inside Jane. Fainting was an understatement! Jane almost died…..
Rich rolled off muttering “I don’t know what is wrong with me”
Big power failure!!! Yes, that term best describes the situation!
Power failure! Power failure!!
To be continued…. Continue reading


Scolded for an accident

Church was great, couples who wedded on Saturday had their Thanksgiving, everywhere was colorful and bright, other couples in church  kept small chats all through service. The church was simply filled with love and God’s awesomeness.
Rich and Jane were so blessed to be in such an awesome meeting… Yes yes,  they left for home after church just as every other person. 
Once at home,  Jane rushes straight to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family as quickly as possible so she can leave for work by 3pm.

“When ever you use tissue paper, take it out of the car! I just removed a tissue paper soaked with blood from the the car.” Richard yelled at Jane as she left the bathroom.
“OK, sorry about that” Jane replied.
She went back to the kitchen, and got thinking, then went back to Richard,
“Do you have any idea what or who’s blood was on the tissue paper?” asked Jane.
Silence… Was Rich’s response.
“Like seriously? You are not bothered who’s or what blood it was?
If I were the one who saw the tissue in your car, I will ask you what happened to you first before scolding you”.
“Well,  common sense is not common after”. Yelled Jane out of frustration.

Have they degenerated that far?
Common, that was blood issue been talked about there, the sight of blood can only be beheld by courageous people, not to talk of seeing blood in your wife’s car, and treating it like some kids in training on hygiene.

That was really sad.

Why loose a tear over one who careless if you are alive or dead? ‘food for thought’

Truth be told, Jane loved this man from the depths of her heart, she will only regret and blame her self when it is too late to leave.


It’s time!!!

Today is 5th October,  Big Brother Africa Hotshots had just begun… excitement everywhere amongst BBA fans. The show started with every contesting housemate showing off their talents in 1 minute, and the audience score their performance before stepping into the Big Brother’s House.
Fun fun fun all the way!

This is a blog of what BBA Hotshot had caused already in a home.

Jane is a wife who sacrifices her comfort to that of her family, she never gets to watch TV,  not due to house chores,  but due to running around the house for the kids comfort, and Richard (Hubby).
Then came BBA, Jane was so excited, popcorn on hand, drinks by the side… Richard was in the living room with friends, while Jane was in the bedroom where she tuned the TV to 198, Richard burst in and told her to turn it off… no BBA in his house. Jane responded, “I have never questioned what you watch, besides this is our home not yours”.
Richard “I don’t care, no BBA in my house, it adds nothing to live, it’s useless, no responsible family will let BBA run in their homes”.
Richy went back to the living room, Jane was still on channel 198, when the visitors left, hubby went into the room and started again…
“I am warning you, I don’t want any BBA in my house”.
Jane “what is the problem with BBA?”.
Richy “it is a show that promote nudity”.
Jane “that is not true, it is censored,  you pay to get extra view”.
Richy “I have been watching BBA before you, you can’t tell me that”.
Jane “sorry, I know you are older, but I will watch, you can’t control how I think, or what entertains me, am 35”.
Richy “it’s my home I determine what shows are watched in my house”.

Jane left for the kitchen to make supper, Richy changed the channel to one of his, and stayed in the bedroom. Jane served him food, and left for the living room to continue watching the show, since the visitors are gone. Just 10 minutes into Jane’s settling down in the living room,  a knock was heard at the door, she let the visitor in and called Richard to his guest. Immediately he stepped into the living room,  he started scolding Jane in front of the visitor, grabs the remote and…
Jane had already relocated to the bedroom where she turned the channel once again to channel 198 continuing her show…

Visitor called out Jane on his way out, she came and bids him farewell. And returned to her show…
Richy “I will break this TV”…
Jane “am sorry, you have to break it”
He yanked off the decoder from its connections, and fling the decoder.  Jane quietly relocated to the living room and tuned back to channel 198, He came with same fury and yanked off the decoder too from its connections.
Jane jane jane, she thought of throwing the 2 decoders into the garbage,  but thought otherwise. When no one was watching, she pulled the decoders card and pulled out the chips, same also was done to the secondary decoder. Jane is 100% sure he will be calling in a technician to fix his damage, they will suffer to trace the problem to bad chips!!!

This broke Jane, but she resolved not to show her feelings. Jane was scheming on a hurtful revenge, but remembered the words on marble “never return fury to fury” … and carried on live in the house as though nothing happened, even in Daddy and kids conversation which was suppose to show utmost disregard for mummy didn’t slip pass Jane, she joined in and laughed. Bath the kids, put them into their pyjamas, packed her laptop and headed to the living room to continue her outstanding job.
The mind was never at best state for productive brainstorming into any official work… Jane thought of her best friend to share what happened with, but dropped the idea, she pinged another friend who is as well close, “Babe,  am broken in pieces” … but swiftly changed the chat to bad TV network on watching BBA as we both loved the show.

Jane, tuned to blogging!