Bedroom light out… cont’d

In despair Jane lay still in bed.
Rich rolled to the other end of the bed, by the foot of the bed…  Noticing how hurt Jane was, he beckoned on her to come and massage Johnny.
With all the humiliation she summoned the energy and crawled to Him, she began to stroke on Johnny… She thought…  I won’t be doing  this on a  virile man, such a young man been stroked for Johnny to come alive was so annoying, and humiliating. In her heart  she thought this marriage simply has no sexual attraction… How much longer can we keep pretending to hold on? Well,  this is another day of the month which I must not miss for a chance to have a baby. She prayed silently in her heart for Johnny to come alive.
Little by little, with so much tenderness, Johnny gains back it turbidity….  Rich asked Jane to ride on Johnny, but considering the slim chances of conception, she beckon on Rich for the missionary position, before Rich could turn over….  Johnny has gone flaccid!!!
HE laid back on bed and asked Jane to work on Johnny with her mouth…
Jane got her bile right in her throat, about to burst into tears…  The thought of getting pregnant calmed her, and she obliged him. Rich,  can you put of the light please…  Immediately the light went off, Jane began to let the tears flow with no control.
She beckoned on him to be on his feet while she sat by the edge of the bed. She started by stroking Johnny, as Johnny began to get sturdy, she started kissing it, sucking hard,  but tenderly on Johnny… Rich began to thrust in her mouth with two of his hands holding her head.
With every thrust, gushes out hot steamy tears….  Isn’t it time for Him to come unto me yet? She thought…
Rich was having real sex in Jane’s mouth. Jane died right inside her self. With all then will power she could summoned, she pulled her head away and begged him to come onto her, as he came onto her with just the initial thrust into Jane, Johnny had gone flaccid again. Jane cried, and cried…  She made sure Rich had no idea about her pains, and tears. . . 
To be continued