Bedroom light out!

It’s 2am, Rich was no where to be found.  Jane tossed and tossed round the bed, sleep was no where near. She tried to suppress the urge to look for Him in the living room…  But a higher force of needing Him was overwhelming her. She suddenly jumped off bed and went straight to the living room where Rich was coiled up on the sofa watching a movie. She stood, and stood, and stood. Rich was uncomfortable with her presence, he packed his pillow and headed to the room walking past Jane. By the time Jane go to the room He was already spreading a blanket on the bedroom floor to sleep.
Jane seeing the helpless situation, climbed into bed and tried to forget her reasons for looking for Rich… At this point she was all so horn, with the lights still on, she could see Rich almost snoring off.
Oh! The emptiness inside Jane. Why can’t she have a turbo charge man that understands her moves?!
The chances of having some mid night action was slipping fast… What can she do? Her circle was staring her deep in the face… At this point she felt less admiration for Rich, but does it matter?
All she wanted was some hot gush of Rich’s fluid inside her to embrace the over blossoming eggs that will expire in few hours. Yes… Jane is not taking any chances.
“can we have sex?”…  She asked with all the humiliation she has endured. That was flat! Unfortunately, that is the best sweet thing she could muster the energy to say.
Rich crawl unto bed and both started curdling. In less than a minute… Jonny was turbo charge… Jane’s arena was super wet, one thrust landed Jonny inside her….  Ohhh….  She felt so good! She thought “I won after all… God please let this be the miracle I am expecting “… As she was settling in to enjoy the moment.. She felt she was getting wetter, and she started feeling bad for Rich thinking he is loosing the friction, she put her kegal skill into work, but Jonny was just slipping in and out.. She almost cried out for help.
Lo and behold, it wasn’t Jane getting wetter… It was Jonny who was loosing his turgidity, hehehehe… Jonny went flaccid right inside Jane. Fainting was an understatement! Jane almost died…..
Rich rolled off muttering “I don’t know what is wrong with me”
Big power failure!!! Yes, that term best describes the situation!
Power failure! Power failure!!
To be continued…. Continue reading